About us
  • Caremanagers.co.uk is a trading name of Caremanagers Ltd, a company registered company in England and Wales No 12353630. 
  • Caremanagers.co.uk creates a safe and secure online platform to connect care users with our verified, skilled and qualified service providers that are always available to help in getting task completed.
  • The wonderful buzz being created, means that our users are empowered to make their choice of preferred service providers to work with them. This means a simplicity from the hassles of getting the right people from third party agencies or recruitment agencies that are less concern about the interest of care users. 
  • Our users are also in very good position to negotiate the pay rate to service providers as against the cost imposed on them by recruitment agencies. 
  • Service providers determines the pay rate  for their skills as against the minimum wage rate paid by recruitment agencies, so this means more money by supporting our users. What could be better?
  • This is about creating a powerful hive community, through an online, easy to use and interactive site.
  • Welcome one and all, to Caremanagers.co.uk
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