Terms and Conditions

This agreement describes the terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") applicable to the use of the services offered within the site www.Caremanagers.co.uk( "Caremanagers.co.uk", "Caremanagers " The "site" or "platform"). Any person who wishes to access and / or use the site or services may do so subject to the General Terms and Conditions, along with all other policies and principles that govern Caremanagers.co.uk and are hereby incorporated by reference.


The User must read, understand and accept all the conditions set out in the General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy as well as other documents incorporated therein by reference, prior to its registration as a user Caremanagers.co.uk

1. Capacity

The Services are only available to persons who have legal capacity to hire. The services may not be used by persons who do not have that capacity, minors or Caremanagers.co.uk Users who have been temporarily suspended or permanently disabled. If you are registering a User as a Company, you must be able to contract on behalf of such entity and bind it under the terms of this Agreement. 

2. Object of Caremanagers Service 

2.1. Caremanagers provides a platform to connect those who need to do a task, ("Advertisers") with those who are willing to do the work ("Service Providers"). 

2.2. The term "user" or "users" in this agreement includes Advertisers of Jobs, Service providers and any other person who visits or sees the Caremanagers.co.uk Platform. 

2.3. Users get an account Caremanagers.co.uk when he / she completes the registration form in all fields with valid data Caremanagers.co.uk Platform 

2.4. Caremanagers.co.uk only provides the platform which allows the Advertisers to find a Service Providers to provide a service, Caremanagers accepts no responsibility for any aspect of the transaction between the parties, including, but not limited to: the description of the services Offered and efficiency in the provision of these. Caremanagers has no obligation to users in any dispute that may arise between the Advertisers and the Users. 

2.5. All information related to the services to be performed is provided by the Users. Caremanagers has no ability or responsibility to review, approve or verify any information provided by Users on the platform. 

2.6. You expressly agree that Caremanagers has no responsibility and makes no warranty as to the truthfulness or accuracy of the information provided by users (including Service Providers and Advertisers), including, but not limited to, the ability of Service Providers to perform The tasks/jobs, or the honesty or accuracy of the information provided by the Advertisers or their ability to pay for the services requested. 

3. Description of Caremanagers Service

3.1. The Caremanagers Service will be reviewed and updated from time to time. In addition to the points listed below, some parts of the Caremanagers Service may be described separately on the Caremanagers Platform. 

3.2. An Advertiser who requires the completion of a task or work: (1) creates and has Caremanagers and (2) publishes the assignment, including an accurate and complete description of the service to be provided (including, but not limited to: Offers to the Service Providers) ("published task"). Published tasks are subject to other conditions set forth below, for "Posting Tasks" and "Offering". 

3.3. A Service Provider, with the capacity to render the services: (1) creates an account in Caremanagers , (2) registers as Service Providers and (3) revises the tasks published by the Advertisers. 

3.4. If a Service Provider wishes to render the services, he must make an offer to the published task ("Offer"). By "Bidding", the Service Provider confirms that he / she is legally empowered and has the ability to provide the services described in the published task. "Offer" is subject to other conditions set forth below, for "Posting of Tasks" and "Offering". 

3.5. If an Advertiser modifies or updates a task after it has been posted on the Caremanagers Platform and before an offer has been accepted, Caremanagers may at its discretion cancel all bids that were made for that task prior to the modification and recommence The supply process. 

3.6. If an Advertiser wishes to accept a Service Provider`s offer, the Service Provider must do so using the "Offer" feature on the Caremanagers platform.  

3.7. Service Providers and Advertisers use the public comment function to ask questions and offer answers about the published camel. Once the Advertiser has accepted an offer by a Service Provider, the private messaging service of Caremanagers can be privately communicated. 

3.8. Once an Advertiser has accepted an offer from a Service Provider , it is an obligation on both sides. Service Provider must provide the service and the Advertiser to pay the agreed sum. 

3.9. Once a Service Provider has provided the services requested by an Advertiser, as described in the Publication, the Advertiser must "finalize" the job inside the Caremanagers portal using the "Job Finish" option and objectively qualify the Service Providers . 

3.10. For security, advertisers should never disclose personal details such as address, phone number, or email address on a posted camel or any other public communication on the Caremanagers platform.